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Why Priority Mechanical?

We’re big believers in working together, playing together, and learning together. With great co-workers, company-sponsored events, paid travel and over-time, and endless learning and development opportunities, Priority Mechanical is a great choice for your next career move.

The Priority Advantage

We believe that healthy and happy employees can only benefit our clients. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages that include dental, health, and alternative wellness therapies.

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"This is a company who would truly do anything for their employees. In addition to ensuring our safety standards exceed regulatory expectations, we also receive paid overtime and paid travel, which many other companies in this industry do not offer."

"This is truly a family-run business. Peter and Wendy treat all of their employees like an extension of their family. I always feel like Priority Mechanical has my best interest in mind."

"Never have I worked with a company that has provided such an encouraging and supportive environment for development."

"Priority has sent me to school, international workshops and conferences, and allowed me to get insight into the industry and bring back new ideas."

We are always looking for new members to join the Priority Mechanical family.