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    If you are looking for help to make your home more comfortable, look no further than Priority Mechanical: your one source for Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Water Quality, Air Quality, Controls, Fireplaces and Barbecues.

    Whether you are trying to get your furnace fixed, upgraded to a more efficient model or are building a new house and need everything done, we can help you. From the designing stages of construction through the heat-loss, sizing and installation to regular maintenance and repairs, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, on budget and on time.

    Now that winter is finally here, Is your home as comfortable as it could be?

    Proper humidity levels are critical to the comfort of your home. Getting the humidity level up . Even if your house is warm, imbalances of heat from floor to floor or moisture on the windows can be a sign of more serious issues. Protect your home from the harsh affects that overly high or low humidity levels can cause. High humidity is very common in new homes due to all of the wet wood, concrete and other building materials used during construction. This can show on the windows as condensation, which could allow the growth of staining mildew.

    Overly dry homes can cause squeaky and damaged hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets and wooden mouldings. Low humidity levels also has a very negative affect on the health of our bodies and beyond the scratchy throats and bloody noses, can cause children to become ill more frequently in the winter.

    Call us today for a free quote on a humidifier that will save on your heating bill, protect your home and the health of your family.



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    Dry air wreaking havoc in your home? Get relief and protect your hardwood!

    Get a new Humidifier system installed for as low as $495.00

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    Need to make your home more confortable? Priority Mechanical Services is your one source for Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Air Quality, Controls, Fireplaces and Barbecues. Visit them here today. #HeffnerSpring16

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    People kept telling me to cover my air conditioner... So I did!

    Covering air conditioners seems to be one of the biggest fads in HVAC in the last 10 year and its left us all scratching our heads. Outdoor air conditioning units, known as "condensers", are solely designed to release heat into the air based on maximizing air flow. These units are designed to allow as much air to pass through as possible and regardless of the temperature of the air, the more flow the better. So, when it comes to winter, why do we throw garbage bags over them and wrap them in duct tape to stop the cold winter air from getting in?

    Besides looking ridiculous on the side of your home, several issues can be caused by wrapping up systems like this.

    1) Trapping air also traps moisture which, in the winter can work its way into the condenser fan motor and causes bearing failure in the spring and electrical issues.

    2) Covering your condenser invites all the little bugs and critters running around your home into a nice, warm, safe place for them to call home for the winter. Plenty of colourful wires to chew on too! This is especially true if your unit is sitting on the ground or deck like mine is as opposed to on brackets mounted to the wall.

    3) Some people are concerned about leaves collecting in the bottom of the unit, but this is really no problem at all as when the fan turns on in the spring, all those leaves will be quickly removed once they're dry.

    4) Turning your A/C on in the spring and forgetting to remove the cover can cause major damage to the system that cannot be corrected unless your system has a built in safety for such an issue.

    These systems are testing in Arctic conditions and build to withstand our Canadian winters. There are even versions of these exact systems called Heat Pumps that actually run in the winter and can heat your home! The newest ones are more comfortable and as cheap as natural gas when compared to Oil, Propane or Electric heat in rural areas.

    When it comes to A/C covers... Save your money. Give the unit a good spray down with the hose in the spring, get it serviced regularly and most importantly... Try to keep your dog from peeing on it!

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    Buyer Beware!

    Don't get caught with the high pressure sales tactics of the Big HVAC companies trying to pressure you into replacing or renting your Furnace and Air Conditioner. Unfortunately the elderly are usually the ones targetted by these call centres and door to door sales people. Some of which claim to be from some form of government in order to gain access to your home.

    These contractors use the exact same furnace systems as the majority of honest contractors but claim their's are built better. These basic furnace systems can be installed for $2800 - $3500. Financed for as low as $39/month with a 10 year full parts and labour warranty to protect you from breakdowns.

    The rental companies will call you without warning and without having a licensed technician inspect your furnace, they may even tell you that both your furnace and air conditioner are dangerous and must be replaced immediately. We have been getting steady calls from homeowners who believe that their perfectly working system is now in despirate need of replacement because a salesman or call center phone operator told them so. Worst of all, they've been told that the rental program is the only way to protect themselves from this happening again. So, lets do the math.

    Furnace Rental Contracts
    Contract length - 7 year minimum.
    Cost per month - $80 - $90 base price for furnace.
    Buy-out at the end of the term - $2000 - $3000.
    Maintenance service calls - Free for 7 years.
    Break down protection - Free for 7 years.

    Total cost of rental - $8720 - $10560 + Hst

    Furnace Purchase
    Contract length - None. Furnaces last 20 years with proper maintenance and service.
    Cost per month - Starting at $39/Month on financing plans. Most popular financing option is 12 years with NO penalties for early payments.
    Buy-out at end of term - None.
    Maintenance Service Calls - $833 if done every year for 7 years.
    Breakdown protection - Furnace comes with free 10 year parts warranty. 10 year labour warranty $250.

    Total cost of ownership for the same Furnace system, service and protection as rental plans..... $3883 - $4583 + Hst (plus interest if financed)

    If your heating or air conditioning system has been shut down or you've been told that it can't be fixed. Please call us for free advice. If needed, we will come and do a full inspection on your system and give you our honest opinion on what (if anything) is required for a minimum cost. And, if we find that your furnace must be replaced for safety reasons, we will take the cost of the inspection off the price of the new furnace.

    Getting a second opinion can save you thousands. As with any major purchase, we encourage our customers to get 3 separate quotes to make sure they are making the most educated decision possible. If someone tells you absolutely need a new system when it has been working just fine, don't just take their word for it.
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    A couple of weeks ago, one of our installers decided to install a whole home humidifier in his family's home after repeated minor issues with their sons health. They had been using small room size humidifiers in each of the bedrooms, but he was still feeling the effects dry air can have on us. I received this message shortly after from our installer's wife and even though it is from one our Priority Family members, I felt the message was powerful and needed to be shared.

    "That humidifier has seriously made a huge difference in our home. I know that it wouldn't have entirely prevented the illness we have had to deal with recently but I feel it has absolutely helped with the cough and cold symptoms and made it a quicker recovery for our son since having it installed. I'm very curious to see how he does the rest of winter now. He hasn't been as congested lately and perhaps the common cold won't last as long now that we have the air quality issues straightened out in the house. We just assumed that “Hey, its winter, kids get sick…” But, I feel as though maybe it could have been prevented with this humidifier. Last week alone it cost us at least $500 for my lost wages and plus having to pay for daycare on days our son wasn't well enough to attend. Also, leaving my employer short staffed puts a strain on everyone else at work too. My husband and I both have timelines at work and really hate taking unnecessary days off. I feel this would be very beneficial to other families and overall health. A single room humidifier does the trick for one person. But having the whole house being addressed is great for everybody. Not having to remember to fill up the humidifier everyday and the extra noise gets to be pretty annoying. I'm really not too sure why we didn't have one sooner!"
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