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If you are looking for help to make your home more comfortable, look no further than Priority Mechanical: your one source for Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Water Quality, Air Quality, Controls, Fireplaces and Barbecues.

Whether you are trying to get your furnace fixed, upgraded to a more efficient model or are building a new house and need everything done, we can help you. From the designing stages of construction through the heat-loss, sizing and installation to regular maintenance and repairs, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, on budget and on time.

Now that Summer is finally here, Is your home as comfortable as it could be?

When it comes to summer, there is nothing better than sleeping in an air conditioned home. Why lose sleep, laying in bed sweating?

The biggest problem we see with air conditioning these days, is that there are too many contractors who just don’t know how it actually works. How are they supposed to find out what the needs of your home are if they don’t know what the air conditioner actually does? We see countless homes every year where they have a brand new air conditioner installed that was sized too big because the salesman didn’t know how to size and air conditioner and so the put in the biggest one they can find. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER!!!

When it comes to air conditioning, there are two things happening. Actually removing heat from the air and much more importantly…. dehumidification. Air conditioners are meant to dehumidify your home so that you can feel comfortable and not have to turn your home into an ice box.

But, it takes time to remove all of that water from the air… and when you put in an air conditioner in that is so big that it can cool the house in 15 minutes… You’re asking for trouble. Besides costing more to purchase, they also cost more to operate because they turn on and off so many times. The build up of humidity in the home can drive you crazy when you try to sleep and cause mold and mildew problems too.

When it comes to air conditioners, make sure that your contractor can provide you with a written heat loss/gain report to prove that what you are getting is what is right for your home. Don’t just trust a salesman’s “experience”… There’s a pretty good chance they were selling used cars last year…  A proper Home Comfort Advisor will have been trained and will be excited to prove that what he is recommending to you is going to provide your family with the most comfortable and cost effective solution possible.

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Dry air wreaking havoc in your home? Get relief and protect your hardwood!

Get a new Humidifier system installed for as low as $495.00

It is with sadness we announce we must discontinue our annual PriorityFest Car Show and Family Fun Day after 3 fun filled years.

This decision was a very difficult one to make, but unfortunately, we found that it was just not sustainable as a fundraising effort. The costs of running such a large event were simply not being matched with the donations raised. We had hoped that as the word got out and the show got bigger that this would correct itself, but this was not the case.

Thank you for the great memories and please join us in brainstorming our next effort to support the Canadian Cancer Society in their efforts to make a world where no Canadian fears Cancer.
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Our sincere apologies this morning to anyone trying to reach us over the weekend through the after hours sales line. We're still not quite sure what happened but we are working as quickly as possible to make sure the issue doesn't happen again.

Thank you for your patience.
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Hey everyone!

Summer is FINALLY here!! Its time to get those air conditioners running! Here are some important things to remember....

- Don't forget to take the cover off of the outdoor unit!

- Give the outdoor unit a good spray down with the hose to make sure its nice and clean and there won't be any air flow obstructions (It can take the water no problem, but don't go crazy spraying water into the electrical components)

- If it doesn't turn on right away, Don't panic! Most thermostats have a delay built into them that lets the air conditioner rest for up to 5 minutes before telling it to turn on.

- Now is a great time to change your furnace filter and replace the batteries in the Thermostat. (Doesn't hurt to change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too)

- It takes a lot of energy to remove the humidity from your home. Don't be alarmed if it takes a longer than normal time for the temperature to start to drop in the house.

If it runs all night and still doesn't get to the temperature that you want, check the above tips. If those don't cover the issue, then give our service department a call and we'll come out to take a look.

Now that the air conditioning is running... Get outside and enjoy the sun!
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Need to make your home more confortable? Priority Mechanical Services is your one source for Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Air Quality, Controls, Fireplaces and Barbecues. Visit them here today. #HeffnerSpring16

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People kept telling me to cover my air conditioner... So I did!

Covering air conditioners seems to be one of the biggest fads in HVAC in the last 10 year and its left us all scratching our heads. Outdoor air conditioning units, known as "condensers", are solely designed to release heat into the air based on maximizing air flow. These units are designed to allow as much air to pass through as possible and regardless of the temperature of the air, the more flow the better. So, when it comes to winter, why do we throw garbage bags over them and wrap them in duct tape to stop the cold winter air from getting in?

Besides looking ridiculous on the side of your home, several issues can be caused by wrapping up systems like this.

1) Trapping air also traps moisture which, in the winter can work its way into the condenser fan motor and causes bearing failure in the spring and electrical issues.

2) Covering your condenser invites all the little bugs and critters running around your home into a nice, warm, safe place for them to call home for the winter. Plenty of colourful wires to chew on too! This is especially true if your unit is sitting on the ground or deck like mine is as opposed to on brackets mounted to the wall.

3) Some people are concerned about leaves collecting in the bottom of the unit, but this is really no problem at all as when the fan turns on in the spring, all those leaves will be quickly removed once they're dry.

4) Turning your A/C on in the spring and forgetting to remove the cover can cause major damage to the system that cannot be corrected unless your system has a built in safety for such an issue.

These systems are testing in Arctic conditions and build to withstand our Canadian winters. There are even versions of these exact systems called Heat Pumps that actually run in the winter and can heat your home! The newest ones are more comfortable and as cheap as natural gas when compared to Oil, Propane or Electric heat in rural areas.

When it comes to A/C covers... Save your money. Give the unit a good spray down with the hose in the spring, get it serviced regularly and most importantly... Try to keep your dog from peeing on it!

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