furnace filter

When you buy a high-efficiency heating or cooling unit from Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. in Ayr, Ontario, you can be sure it’ll make your life more comfortable. However, while the Priority team can handle any necessary maintenance and repairs, there are basic things you can do on your own to ensure your heating or cooling unit stays healthy for years to come.

One of the easiest but most important regular maintenance items on any HVAC system is changing the filter. Dust and other impurities are constantly being sucked out of your home’s environment and into the system to be separated by the filter, but over time this can clog the filter and make it hard for your system to “breathe.” The result is a potentially overheating furnace or a system that has to work harder to achieve the same results — which means more money on your energy bill and a shorter lifespan for your equipment.

Even when your system isn’t active — meaning, no heating or cooling is taking place — the fans on your furnace and air conditioner are likely still running, meaning there’s still airflow through the filters. This means even if you haven’t needed the furnace for months, you should still be checking the filter for dirt each month. Priority Mechanical also advises that you should buy a new filter at the start of every new season, or roughly every three or four months. The filter may need to be changed more often if you have pets or smoke in the house.

If you don’t feel confident about changing the filter yourself, or don’t know which kind to buy, let one of the expert technicians at Priority Mechanical do the switch for you. This way, you can be sure it has been done properly. You can even pre-schedule maintenance visits to ensure your systems are in top running condition.

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