Illustration of sustainable home

Human nature being what it is, it’s not unusual to step back and look at something and think, “Hmmm… we could do better…”

This happens every once in a while with houses; by the time you have managed through several renovation projects to get your house to “home” status, you might start to have nagging doubts. What if an additional level was added to a bungalow? Or an addition was built out and onto an existing structure. Great ideas, but do you know whether your present heating, venting and air conditioning is up to the task to do an efficient and effective job with all this added space? At the very least, additional duct work is required; but where to put it?

This is where you would call in the experts from Priority Mechanical Services Ltd.  Among our staff of more than 40 people is one individual trained in the design and efficient flow of warm and cool air to all levels of your home; it’s all he does. Designing new systems is a skilled art form. You will also soon learn if you will need to change your present furnace and air conditioning unit. Not that there is anything wrong with them, per se; they may not be up to the task of ensuring the ambient temperature of your home is comfortable temperature-wise regardless of the time of year. Larger units may be required. Depending upon the size of the home and the addition, it may require more than one furnace and air conditioner. Chances are, the additional duct work required should not resemble an overly anxious octopus, either. An HVAC expert will ensure that every decision you make keeps you and your home on track.

The home comfort specialists at Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create and customize a heating solution that meets your budget and your needs. Discuss financing options; create a plan which works for you. Located at 3160 Alps Road in Ayr, call (519) 632-7116 or send us an email at