trane air conditioner

Living in this great country, especially in south western Ontario, we tend to experience extremes in weather conditions. The bitter, biting and unforgiving cold and snow during the winter and then the unpredictable summers, often filled with days of oppressive heat – and humidity.

What if you could make your home feel cooler in the summer months?

Time to talk with the professionals at Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. Make an appointment and tell us your concerns and what you would like. During an initial consultation, we can derive a solution perfect for you and your home, ensuring the size of air-conditioning unit  best suits your needs for your specific home. It’s not necessarily a one-size fits all scenario. This is where the expertise and experience of a highly-qualified technician comes into play.

At Priority Mechanical, we sell and service air conditioners from Trane: consider units rated at 1½ to 5 tons for residential applications. Each unit is quiet – inside and out; durable; efficient; and, service friendly. Back in the day, air conditioning was spoken of in almost deferential terms – how many BTUs were generated. Expect efficiency from a cost and running standpoint combined with quality and upfront costs.  Efficiency is measured by a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and Trane units have ratings of between 14.50 to as high as 20. Putting this into perspective, a SEER rating of 16, translates into cooling cost savings of up to 37% when compared to a less efficient 10 SEER unit. Reduce your costs further by having a programmable thermostat installed.

The home comfort specialists at Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create and customize a cooling solution that meets your budget and your needs. Discuss financing options; create a plan which works for you. Located at 3160 Alps Road in Ayr, call 519-632-7116 or send us an email at