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There are important reasons for using proper load calculations for your home’s or business’s heating and cooling systems, as we explain below.

A load calculation is used to determine the right size of heating and cooling equipment for a property. Getting accurate load calculations for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems is imperative for such things as air quality, energy efficiency, system reliability, operating costs and occupant comfort. If your property’s HVAC equipment is either undersized or oversized, it can cause problems. Various factors come into play when calculating the correct heating and cooling loads, such as the square footage, type of windows, details concerning the occupants, and the property’s insulation.

Proper load calculations are important to ensure the reliable and optimal operation of HVAC systems. Many of us know what it’s like to have an air conditioning system that’s too small (or, worse, inoperative) to effectively cool a room or a building on a sweltering hot day. But as much as an undersized system is ineffective to cool the air on hot days, oversized systems create their own complications. An oversized HVAC system may be more likely to suffer infrequent operation, with irregular stopping and starting that result in temperature fluctuations and doesn’t fully remove humidity due to short run times. Over time, this can lessen the lifespan of the system. What’s worse, this inefficiency can cost the homeowner more money because of the system’s overuse of energy — resulting in higher energy bills!

Load calculations are important for both residential and commercial HVAC applications. To safeguard the consistent, optimum operation of the system for both heat and cold, and to ensure the most cost-wise use of the system, a qualified HVAC contractor should determine the right type and size of HVAC equipment for a home or business.

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