In many older homes, it’s not unusual to have a fireplace or two. A wood-burning fireplace, that is. While warm and, to a degree practical, they can also be quite “dirty”. Bringing logs into your home will result in some transfer of dirt, errant pieces of wood and yes, even dead and sometimes living bugs!

Want to avoid this – while still enjoying the warmth of an inviting hearth which adds curb appeal to your home?

Consider converting these fireplaces to natural gas – or even propane if you live in a rural setting. Clean and efficient, today’s gas fireplaces have it all – looks, warmth and most can also be quite cost effective; especially if used in conjunction with your furnaces programmable thermostat. Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. have a wide selection of styles and sizes suitable for just about most conceivable situations. Inserts and standalones, with hearths, even double-sided. Some even up to 60” wide, some vertical. There are those that may augment a home’s heating system and those which project no heat – they’re simply for decoration. The choices and options are staggering. A sales consultant from Priority Mechanical will sit with you and conduct a thorough needs analysis before offering solutions.

Perhaps you are also a hardy individual who considers their gas grill to be an additional appliance and use it 12-months a year? At Priority Mechanical there are several grills to choose – depending upon your requirements. There is a solution just for you. If you prefer, an expert technician can also ensure you never have to run out and refill 20lb propane canisters while grilling the perfect steak when they set up your outdoor appliance to your home’s natural gas supply line.

The home comfort specialists at Priority Mechanical Services Ltd. have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create and customize solutions which meet your budget and your needs. Discuss financing options; create a plan that works for you. Located at 3160 Alps Road in Ayr, call (519) 632-7116 or send them an email at