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Marquis Collection by Kingsman

The Marquis Collection by Kingsman is a versatile line of gas fireplaces. There are endless option to suit any style and budget. Come in today to discuss your options. The basics are detailed below.

cove1 Capella
The capella transforms an existing fireplace into a gas fireplace. Use it in old farm houses to replace a wood burning fireplace and keep the look of the existing hearth. We have two on display, one modern and one traditional.


The Cove is a grand fireplace with a more contemporary look. It is more of a vertical look for a fireplace. Stonework and a mantle can be added for an elegant centerpiece for your home.


The Gemini is a two-sided fireplace that can be used as a room divider or the focal point of a room. It can be used with a wall surround or without. Can be used with rock sets or coloured glass for a contemporary look.


The infinite is a sleek looking fireplace that is available in 36″, 42″ and 60″ models. It is very modern and also has a two-sided option. Various optional features are available.


The skyline fireplace has too many options to list. You can virtually get any look you want. Talk to us today about the skiline fireplace.


The cozy solace is available is several sizes to suit any room. Choose from grills for a traditional look or the clear view kit for a modern look.


The Solara is also available with both grills and the clear view look. For a classic look add a wooden mantle. For a contemporary look use a wall surround and rocks. Our showroom can show you the versatility of this affordable fireplace. This is also most builders’ standard model.

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